It may be hard to believe that this property was sold without staging, without repairs, and it still received multiple offers. YUP! Multiple offers for this home but what the pictures don’t show is the living conditions of the rest of the home.
In this situation there were multiple tenants with varying degrees of hoarding. ALL the tenants did not want to leave the home and were difficult to work with. There were several “friends” to the administrator who were trying to provide assistance when really, they were just trying to help themselves to some of the inheritance. Everyone in the home was a smoker, possibly of more than just cigarettes. There were several cats living in, under, and on top of the home. It was not a situation that would make this property easy to show.
In this situation the appointed administrator of the estate was really struggling. That person was doing their best to cope with the loss of a loved one, having to take care of EVERYTHING financially related to the property when normally it was the deceased person who did all of that. On top of that there were plenty of people trying to “help” the administrator when really they were helping themselves to the administrator’s inheritance. It was my job to help the administrator get the property cleared of the tenants, cleared of the contents, and ultimately sold!

My team and I put together a plan of action that provided assistance to the administrator, as well as the tenants, so they could relocate from this home into a new residence. We also put together the crews necessary to clean out the contents of the home and garage. In addition to assisting the residents of the home the team and I provided the attorneys in this matter with important documentation for this property, as well as other properties owned by the decedent.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, or would like some guidance regarding a difficult real estate matter, feel free to contact me and I will help in whatever manner I can

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