Why hire Joe

Whether it’s a standard sale, or something more complex like bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, probate, short sales, or trust sales, the person you hire to sell your property plays a big part in the success of your transaction. Joe Napoli has over 35 years of real estate experience, with the last 14 years focused purchase and sale transactions. Over the course of Joe’s career he has been responsible for over 300 transactions, with over 100 of those transactions involving bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, probate, short sales, or trust sales.

Joe’s proven system to list and sell property minimizes a Buyer’s opportunity to re-trade the transaction. In plain English what this means for you is Joe’s system minimizes the buyer’s ability to renegotiate the purchase price. In addition to this Joe’s system maintains the integrity of the escrow timeline so you know that your transaction should close on time. The best part of this system is you get to sell the property in AS-IS condition! Here’s a quick video from Joe’s Instagram posts that covers some of the reasons why you should hire Joe Napoli as YOUR Realtor!

If you would like to learn more about the process of getting your property sold for the highest price possible in the shortest time possible then let’s meet! Email info@joenapoli.net to schedule a meeting with Joe!

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